Welcome to Dalamar.com.

I am a diehard DragonLance fan. I remember the first time I sat down, as a teenager, with Margaret Weis' and Tracy Hickman's Dragons of Autumn Twilight and came to find myself immersed in the far away world of Krynn. Growing up, I had never been a particular fan of Dungeons & Dragons, but the DragonLance world with all of its elves, draconians, mages, dragons, kender, and the like had an appeal unlike any that I had ever experienced. All it took was a few pages and I was hooked. Book after book, I was never let down. And happily DragonLance did not die with the passing of TSR but lives on thanks to Wizards of the Coast.

This page is but a placeholder to let you know that I am busy putting together a DragonLance site where fans of DragonLance and fantasy literature in general can come and share thoughts, ideas, and adventure. Please stay tuned!

Oh, and the title... Though the intertwined characters of Caramon and Raistlin are in many ways my favorites in the series, I beleive Dalamar has that combination of mystery and darkness coupled with a lust for magic and power that makes this elf mage the standout character.

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